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If you are one of our valuable customers trying to reach our customer support today, please be notified that you might experience an audio lag due to ongoing system maintenance. Meanwhile, you can write an email to us at [email protected].

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About Us

The founders of Symbio Energy believed in the concept of Low & Fair Prices for Energy. With this idea, in March 2019, Symbio Energy started offering the Lowest Priced Tariffs to Households and Businesses across the UK. This concept revolved around allowing the Britons to only pay for the energy they consume.


Are you having difficulties in understanding your Energy? We know that Energy isn't always easy to understand. That's why we've put together a set of question on some popular topics that will help you know everything about Domestic and Business Energy. Browse through our Symbio Energy Guides to help you find answers to queries like Reading your Meters, Bills, Saving Energy and many more.


Customers should only pay for the Electricity they consume nothing more nor less. With this concept, Symbio Energy started providing the UK Households & Businesses with the Lowest-Priced tariffs for Electricity. Since March 2019, we have helped our Customers save up to £600 on their Electricity Bills compared to the Big 6.


A Clean, Safe and Green Planet is our Fundamental Right! Symbio Energy has been continuously working to Educate the World against critical Social & Environmental issues such as Climate Change, Inequality & Creating Public Awareness through Education. We must work together to create a Safe & Healthy planet for our future generations.


Education is the Foundation for Change. Life prospers when we Embrace Change & Adapt to it. Our mission is to Develop & Grow Together, but we cannot do this alone. The Change we aim to bring out through our Initiatives requires constant support from our Customers.


Has your Electricity Consumption increased lately? Now maybe a Good Time to make that Switch.Compare before you Commit! Symbio Energy has been the Lowest Priced Electricity Supplier since March 2019 and has helped the Britons save Millions of Pounds on their Electricity bills. We Guarantee the Lowest Energy Prices on all Comparison Sites and the Big 6. If we're not the Lowest out there, we will revise our tariffs.You too can join the Revolution and Save up to £600 on your Energy bills.Don't take our word for it, explore tariffs from various Energy Providers and Comparison Sites before you Seal the Deal.


Symbio Energy has successfully offered the Lowest Prices for Electricity to the UK and helped our Customer save up to £600 on their Electricity Bills. As a part of our Green Revolution, Symbio Energy will soon venture into the supply of 100% Carbon-Free Gas. Look out for exciting offers with our Dual Fuel Tariffs. It's time to Take Control of your Savings.


The Mobile Application gives our Customers an Easy and Hassle-Free Way of Managing their Energy on the Go. Stay on top of your Energy and its Consumption through the Symbio Energy Mobile App. Customers can Save their Precious time by downloading the User-Friendly Application via Apple IOS Store for iPhone Devices and Google Play Store for Android Devices. Click on the links below to Download the Symbio Energy Moblie App.


Do you have any question with regards to your Energy? Time is Precious, so don't spend it waiting for your Call to be Answered. Our Team has drafted a set of questions to assist you with all your Electricity queries. Browse through the various categories available on our FAQ's and get a response immediately. Should you have an Emergency, you can Email us on [email protected] or Call our Dedicated Customer Support Representative on 0333 050 9372.

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