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Symbio Energy started as an idea with a new vision for low priced energy. Service with fair pricing for electricity and simple information. Above all, guaranteed honesty and openness.

We are an innovative provider and will lead the energy industry by example. Symbio inspires change and we offer 100%  green energy to tackle climate change. Low Prices and No Penalties. Simple and Fair.

We offer the cheapest tariffs, if you don't believe us, try us.
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We thrive to bring our members, the same power, but for fair prices. the change you wish to see in the world.

Symbio Energy inspires others to support our mission for a cleaner and brighter future. We always provide customers with the ‘Symbio inspiration’. This enables each one of them to make a change and help reduce the risk of global warming. Therefore, together we make a positive contribution to the environment. Also, avail of the added monetary benefits that come with sourcing your energy supply from Symbio Energy.


Symbio Energy aims to take responsibility in a world that has limited resources. With an ever-growing population we will create a sustainable future. Also, we believe in realising a cleaner environment for future generations. This is through increasing the use of renewable energy to promote sustainability and educating consumers on why it is so vital we start saving our planet today.


Symbio Energy will help people move towards renewable energy sources, which will in turn not only benefit households and commercial establishments but also the planet as a whole. It is our mission to make the environment cleaner and more sustainable by getting people educated.


Educating people, especially the younger generations on their social responsibility to care for the environment is key. Symbio Energy with its industry knowledge and expertise, guides and inspires its customers to help them improve the environment for the present as well as future generations.

Why are we cheaper?

Symbio Energy has had the lowest electricity prices in the UK since March 2019. We may have been beaten a few times but we have adjusted our prices where we have not been the cheapest. The immediate question is how are we able to be cheaper. In summary, whilst we are a new entrant, we have spent heavily on IT systems and continue to do so. This reduces our operating cost base and we can pass these savings onto you the customer. We also do not have to pay lots of shareholders or expensive large management structures. We would like to thank you for supporting us, as we seek to provide real competition and lower prices to the UK.

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We believe that can break the shackles of high price long term prices.