Arrangements for Site Access

Sometimes, Symbio Energy might need to send an engineer to visit your home. It could be to read your electricity meter or maybe to repair the fault you reported.

Whenever this happens, Symbio Energy will ensure that the engineer scheduled to visit your home is a qualified professional and is well trained to carry out the required work.

To ensure that the visit inconveniences you the least, we will contact you via phone or email, prior to the visit and schedule the appointment.

We value your safety and hence we ensure that all our engineers carry proper valid identification, to help you identify them easily. We will share their identifications details to you via email when the appointment is fixed. Additionally, if you have set up a personal password with us, we will ensure that the engineer is required to hand it over to you, prior to commencement of work. You can also always call us at 0333 050 9372 to verify the identity of the visiting engineer.

If you have any queries about your electricity supply, please do not hesitate to ask the visiting engineer. They have been well trained and informed and would be able to help you with the required information.