Energy Wastage in our Homes & Offices

Here’s a problem you didn’t know you had: you spend 25% more on your energy bills every year in ways that can be easily avoided! Imagine a savings of 25% on your bills for life.

There are ‘energy vampires’ in your home and office that keep leaching energy and adding to your electricity bills. Just keeping your devices on standby consumes more energy than you realise. Just the standby energy waste in the UK could heat over 5,000 homes a year.[i] 77% of homeowners will be forced to ration their energy usage in winter. Will you be one of these people? Knowing these facts, isn’t it suddenly a lot more important to turn your appliances off when not in use?

Heating bills are a significant part of energy wastage, especially in offices. Inefficient dwellings tend to leak heat into the environment, causing our energy needs to rise. Better insulation of walls and windows goes a long way in keeping heat in and reducing energy use.

So how can we make our homes and offices more efficient? First, pay attention to any devices that are kept on or on standby, and turn them off if not in use. Second, make the switch to energy efficient solutions, or better, to switch to solutions that are renewable in nature. Solar Panels are a great way to slash off a significant portion of your energy bills, and you’ll additionally be doing your part in reducing the pollution we put into the environment through the use of coal for energy.