Symbio Energy Ltd,
103 Mansion House,
BRE – Building Research Establishment,
Bucknalls Lane, Watford,
United Kingdom, WD25 9XX


0333 050 9372


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Mutual beneficial relationship

We are an energy supplier with a conscience, we provide 100% Green energy while we help you save £600 on your annual billing

Referral program

Win an Amazon voucher worth £10 on every referral made to a friend or family.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Take the Symbio challenge and win a £10 Amazon voucher if you can find tariffs lower than ours.

Customer friendly Mobile APP

To ensure a smooth and straightforward process, our customers are requested to submit their meter readings online using our Mobile app.

GAS Supply

We are rapidly expanding and we are proud to introduce the Gas Supply Services to all our customers. We supply green gas that comes from renewable sources such as farm wastes.

Dual Fuel Feature

Dual Fuel System that empowers you to choose from either our services, e.g. Electricity, Gas or Dual Fuel Services (I.e. Electricity and Gas Combined).

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