How do I find my MPAN number on my Electricity Meter?

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How do I find my MPAN number on my Electricity Meter?

Let’s understand what MPAN means:  

A Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN), is otherwise called a Supply Number or S-Number, required on occasion of exchanging electric supplies. It is a 21-digit number used to identify the consumer's electricity supply points, as it were, the domiciliation. It isn't important that a solitary MPAN number would lead you to a private location since it could be related with other MPAN. It is only a relationship of a few different meters and would subsequently give different homes too. 


To know what MPAN you have and whether it is associated, we can get that checked from ECOES, a website which allows industry parties to check electricity supply details.  

Where can you find the MPAN?  


The electricity invoice you get from your energy supplier has the MPAN number mentioned on it. Please see the below image for reference:  

You will see a big letter ‘S’, followed by 2 rows of numbers on the left-hand side. These are a total of 21 digits, and you need only to give the bottom 13 digits to the supplier to confirm your MPAN. In the above image, the MPAN number is 0701234567123.  


The top digits give additional information of your meter, which helps identify the meter profile class, meter time switch code, and fine loss factor code. These are helpful to the potential supplier to generate a tariff quote for you.