Why Choose Symbio?

Symbio derived from the word ‘Symbiotic’ which means ‘a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups‘. On this we can say that our strength is in no small degree derived from the quality of the bond we have with you as a customer and Symbio as the supplier, our success lies in this mutually beneficial relationship. It is the core of Symbio Energy.


Symbio Energy stands by three core attributes and aim at promoting them through their words and actions.

These attributes include:

1. Commerce

Our primary objective is to save you money and only pay for the electricity you consume; we can save up to £600 compared to the Big 6 Energy companies in the UK.

We are proud to announce that we have been the Lowest Price Electricity Supplier in the UK since March 2019. We are present on Ofgem validated comparison sites, the customers can check our prices on websites like GoCompare, Money SuperMarket, ELX & Simply Switch. 

Comparison sites make money from commission on switches between different energy suppliers. On average they charge £32 per switch per fuel. This cost is then passed onto the customers, who are paying for this through the bills. Moreover, the recommendations of these websites are commission-based. Hence transparency and fairness for the customer visiting the website is not the primary concern.

Some comparison sites recognised by Ofgem, have an option for a FULL MARKET VIEW or OPEN MARKET VIEW. They show all the tariffs in the market and not just the one’s which pay the most commission. We only show the Ofgem recognised websites and they operate with a fair and transparent policy. Every business has to make money and we support these Ofgem registered Comparison sites.

We offer a price guarantee and price match policy. We will match the price if you find any cheaper tariff other than ours and offer you a £10 amazon voucher.

2. Education

We have divided our education themes into three different categories:

Climate change and Emissions

 Symbio Energy inspires others to support our mission for a cleaner and brighter future, not only for us but for our future generations. As a customer, you can be proud that you are making a difference, as you chose to make the right choice, by opting for a 100% renewable energy supplier. Therefore, together we make a positive contribution to the environment.

Symbio Energy actively buys its resources from REGOs They enable us to verify the origin of the energy that is supplied. However, Symbio Energy’s ambition is to own energy plants that can generate sustainable resources directly from these renewable plants.

Public Awareness and Education

We live in a world with enormous social challenges, and we are doing our bit by helping populations understand and address these challenges. Education is vital to break the practices blindly followed by masses; we know the importance of education and its awareness. We have taken it upon ourselves to educate the wider masses by promoting the growth and education of girl child and underprivileged children.

We have collaborated with multiple organizations and NGO’s who dedicate their lives towards bringing about this change. Proper education is necessary to bring about awareness and change in this world and we aim at guiding the people to through education. It’s time that we stand together and ensure that we do our best in help bring about awareness in any way possible. We are bringing the change and obligating it from our services towards the community, e.g. our partnership with SIO and Help India.


Inequality has existed across the world for several decades. Many countries and institutions have actively been concerned about bringing a change to it when it comes to racial, gender and economic inequalities. As per law, institutions can take affirmative actions to reduce the effects of inequality in their countries, through the means of recruiting members of different groups or having special quotas.

When it comes to gender inequality, it is experienced differently in each country and their culture. Its basis is biological and psychological aspects. Economic inequalities around the world have different dimensions like distribution of income being followed by the countries, wealth and consumption power.

3. Change

Only if you only allow Change to happen, adapt to it, life will prosper for not only you, but it will make a difference to others by setting an example for them. Our mission is to develop and grow together. The constant support we get on our initiatives and services brings a change in the lives of many.

In the past, we have initiated the ‘Warm Heart’ initiative through our customer’s support & their contributions, stand enormously proud of it. It had an astounding effect on the homeless people who received essential products in the goodie pack. We soon hope to launch a new initiative, where we will be planting tree saplings and we would need much more support to make it a success.

As a part of our future endeavors to bring about change, Symbio Energy will soon commence with our ‘Plant A Tree’ initiative to bring about awareness within the UK citizens and to save the world for our future generations.

For the future, we have planned to start with the “Forest Carbon Sinks” in Mauritius this year and a ‘Tree Planting Campaign’ in the UK.

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